At Re:LIFE Inc, we believe that the positive engagement of the mind is the precursor to achieving excellence. Our mission therefore, is to empower youth, especially those who are disconnected and at-risk, through education and entrepreneurship.

Re:LIFE Inc. works to help the youths and young adults of New York City realize their full potential. Our organization was established in April of 2010 for three reasons: to address the educational, economic and social needs of our target communities; to counteract failure; and to assist in the successful transition of our youths to a better life. We accomplish these goals through the implementation of a variety of programs all designed to empower our youth through entrepreneurship and education. All of the programs offered by Re:LIFE Inc are built around The HEROES Model for positive youth development. HEROES, is an acronym that represents Heritage, Education, Relationships, Opportunities, Entrepreneurship and Service. Our educational programs are composed of stimulating activities and materials that are organized around well-developed curricula.



Provide opportunities for youth that would lead to financial independence. Usher capable and prepared youths back into the workforce.


Positively impact youth growth and development through quality supportive education, entrepreneurship and The HEROES model for effective youth development.


Increase educational and wealth-acquisition statistics among local minorities. Create quality educational programs that trigger positive engagement, are youth friendly and rich in content


Help youth maximize potential by channeling talents, skills and passions into starting sustainable businesses. Groom youth in leadership and community service.


-Youth Poverty

Central Harlem, with 39% poverty rate is one of NYC's greatest poverty, disconnected youth and low income concentration neighborhood.

-Youth Disconnection

NYC is home to more than 220,000 disconnected youth between ages 16 and 24.

-Educational Disadvantage

79% of disconnected youth have no post-secondary education. According to NYC DOE Black and Hispanic youth have high school graduation rates of less than 50%.

-Opportunity Divide

Unemployment rates in certain low income districts like Harlem hover around the 20% mark, a huge disparity when compared to 4-5% for Whites in Upper Manhattan.


  • Chike Ukaegbu is the President and Co-founder of Re:LIFE Incorporated. Author and originator of The HEROES Model, he is also an alumni Fellow of the prestigious Colin Powell Center for Leadership and Policy Studies, focusing on Youth related policies. He studied Biomedical Engineering at The City College of New York where he is currently a Math Instructor.

    Chike has been involved in youth policy research and evaluation for more than 7 years. He develops and implements effective youth programs, and partners with other organizations to improve youth service provision. Chike’s research focuses on positive engagement, development and empowerment of youth by addressing the problems of youth disconnection, youth poverty, educational disadvantage and opportunity divide.

    As an educator and entrepreneurship specialist, Chike’s efforts and dedication to youth development continues to engineer the successful transition of youth from disconnection to entrepreneurship or higher education. He is also a youth motivational speaker who has spoken to audiences both local and international. As an entrepreneur who has launched 5 businesses, he continually draws on his experiences to motivate, encourage and inspire urban/at-risk youth to achieve, regardless of past histories, experiences and challenges.

    Chike is also a guest contributor on Huffington Post Live TV segments, as well as a Journal and Book Reviewer for the Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy (ASAP) system. He also serves as a consultant on Organizational Branding and Marketing and is a recurring speaker at the Center for Nonprofit Success’s Lecture Series on organizational branding and marketing strategies for budding entrepreneurs, Non-profit Executives, Development and Marketing Directors and PR personnel. His lectures include strategies on how to establish and maintain online presence, the importance of individual and organizational branding in the social media age, and effective brand marketing strategies.

    He is the founder of ‘Thomas & Isaac, Inc’, parent company of a newly launched men’s accessories line called Tom Isaac ( among others. He is also the originator of The {Black:Higher} Black:Spring series, which is an annual Black History Month commemoration of Black History, Struggles and Experiences via literature and discussions. These explore the state, achievements and influence of Black Culture in America, and its impact on our youth. Of all these, to Chike, his greatest accomplishment has been the establishment of his Educational and Entrepreneurship Leadership Fund (EELF) in Africa. To him, EELF gives him the humbling opportunity to better youth lives. EELF provides its Scholars with different levels of need-based educational scholarships, as well as seed capital to youth entrepreneurs. Educational Scholarships are awarded at the elementary, secondary and university levels.

    Chike continues to invent and implement several initiatives that positively impact youth lives.

  • Kevaughn Isaacs is the Co-founder and Vice President of Re:LIFE Incorporated. Re:LIFE is a NYC based Non-Profit Organization with the mission to empower youth through education and entrepreneurship. Kevaughn’s efforts focus on the development and empowerment of youth by addressing the problems of youth disconnection, youth poverty, educational disadvantage and opportunity divide.

    Kevaughn’s passions lie in both youth development and the arts. Holding a degree in Graphic Design, working as a Graphic Design Instructor at the City College of New York's School of Continuing and Professional Studies and having numerous years of experience in the performing arts field as a dancer, choreographer and dance instructor, Kevaughn strives to merge his passions and inspire youth through the arts and their own personal talents.

    He continues to devise and develop methods and strategies to impact and cultivate the lives of youth. On the business end, Kevaughn is skilled professional with sound knowledge and viable experience in graphic design, management/ education strategy and execution. He is accomplished in strategic planning, focusing on communications methods to achieve organizational goals. He possesses solid design, writing, editing, research and presentation skills and is known to be a team and goal-oriented leader dedicated to the principles of continuous improvement.