Re:LIFE Summer Program


Our upcoming program, Young Entrepreneur Workshops (YEW) will seek to inspire small- business youth entrepreneurs around New York City; especially focusing on demographics that are most hit with unemployment – disconnected youth, minorities, disadvantaged youth etc.
The YEW program will create the needed opportunity for youth who are passionate about entrepreneurship but lack the guidance and capital to embark on it, and is one that could be replicated Nationally to help curb the ills of disconnection, unemployment and economic hardships in hard hit communities like Harlem.


The objective of the Entrepreneur Workshop is to teach youth to apply the concepts of entrepreneurship in creating solutions to highlighted problems in their communities. The workshop will include classes that cover concepts of entrepreneurship, how to develop and write an effective business plan, business registration, financial literacy, branding and business marketing and raising small business capital. It will also teach participants to apply these concepts in developing a solution to a problem in their community, as well as equip them with effective career development techniques and strategies. There would also be one-on-one business enhancement sessions to help students develop their business plans as well as guest entrepreneur sessions with small business owners. Students will present their business plans and projects at the end of the program.


The goal is that by the end of the program, each participant would have learned about career opportunities in the real world, created a solution based project, and developed an effective business plan around the project.

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