Founder/CEO - UnShavoor Productions Founder/CEO - UnShavoor Productions

Christopher Shotwell is the President and CEO of UnShavoor Production Company.  As a child Christopher Shotwell was constantly struggling to express his emotions.  As he got older he created a psychological mask that covered his true emotions.  He hid behind this mask because of the his experiences with societal bondage, verbal abuse, and bullying. Through his high school career he held various leadership positions including being the president of the Black Youth Organization Club which empowered youth through black history education.  Mr. Shotwell also participated in a peer leadership program which dealt with teenagers at his high school who were unable to express themselves.  However, he learned quickly that the teenagers who participated in the program’s activities were unknowingly expressing their own deep-rooted issues.  He, himself being a victim of the mask, discovered through the program that helping others deal with their issues helped him destroy his own mask. Mr Shotwell’s passion for helping teenagers remove their masks has lead him to create a documentary.  In his documentary he brings awareness to this societal problem by interviewing various people in the community about their deep-rooted issues and how they dealt with them.  Mr. Shotwell believes that teenagers are unable to express themselves so they put on a mask.  It is for this reason Mr. Showell created UnShavoor: to help teenagers destroy their masks.

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