Founder/CEO - The Vita Cartel Agency Founder/CEO - The Vita Cartel Agency

Age 23 Larry “Maxwell Rex” Donell Roseboro Jr. began his fashion career at the age of 16 when he was signed to  Models Inc. agency.  After graduating from  Northern High School  Maxwell Rex moved to New York City to attend The Art Institute of New York City where he studied Fashion Merchandizing and Marketing. During his time at the Art Institute Maxwell noticed  that students were not making the most of their education and, compared to other universities, students at the Arts Institutes received fewer opportunities.  So Maxwell decided to use the knowledge he gained during his time as an intern at Williamson PR and founded a public relations firm called The Level. The Level successfully directed and ran three fashion shows, two professional photo shoots and introduced AINYC to New York City fashion week.  Maxwell's time with The Level also gave him the opportunity to met Phil Bash, owner of Bash Records; this meeting lead to Maxwell becoming the record labels Image Consultant and Stylist for Bash Records' producers and artists. Maxwell is currently the founder and CEO of The Vita Cartel Agency and is an influential image consultant and stylist to many well established clientel.  The Vita Cartel Agency is a fashion agency which focuses on representing new up and coming designers and stylists. Maxwell believes his calling is to help others who have dreams of making a statement within the fashion industry like his self.

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