Founder/CEO - Lacrosse Wonders Founder/CEO - Lacrosse Wonders

Age 17 Raheem King moved from Jamaica to the United States at the age of 12 to pursue a life of higher education.  In the seventh grade, Raheem was introduced to the game of lacrosse and learned the fundamentals of the sport.  He then went on to play competitively on his high school team, the Frederick Douglass Academy (FDA) Lions, for all four years.  During his time with the FDA Lions, the team won its first championship title in 2011; he played a pivotal role in this championship as a mid-fielder and attack-man. At the age of 17 and using his knowledge of lacrosse, Raheem founded Lacrosse Wonders—a business that provides essential lacrosse equipment for lacrosse enthusiasts.  He came to love the game of lacrosse over the years and now wants to give back to his community, not just financially but by also using his knowledge to educate other youth about lacrosse.  Raheem credits his confidence and disciplined approach to life to lacrosse.  He believes that lacrosse can do the same for the youths of his community. Raheem hopes to complete his college degree in 2017, while continuing to build his business into a well-known sports empire.

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