Re-Engagement Program

The Re-engagement Program is Re:LIFE’s premier endeavor. It incorporates all components of The HEROES Model, and is designed to have an entrepreneurial focus, alongside educational, career and leadership preparations in five different areas of concentration: ArtLIFE (Arts and Crafts), ServeLIFE (Leadership and Service Learning), TechLIFE (Technology), BizLIFE (Entrepreneurship) and FitLIFE (Fitness, Health and Nutrition). The Reengagement program is a 2-year program that includes an intensive 12-month educational training session, and a 12-month job placement/ fiscal responsibility session.

URBN Youth Start-UP Program

Re:LIFE’s URBN Youth Start-UP (UYS) is an intensive project-based 15-week entrepreneurship program in partnership with Carver Federal Savings Bank. The UYS program is comprehensive and exposes its participants to mentorship, research and development, problem solving and community service. The goal of UYS is to introduce students to the rigor and benefits of entrepreneurship and financial literacy, while allowing them to give back to their communities.

EarnLIFE Entrepreneurs Program

Re:LIFE’s EarnLIFE Program is a six-week business plan development series in partnership with The Hamilton Grange New York Public Library. The objective of the EarnLIFE Program is to teach youth the concepts of entrepreneurship and how to develop and write an effective business plan. The program also covers business registration, financial literacy, branding, marketing, and how to raise business capital. The goal of the program is to help each participant develop a comprehensive business plan, understand how micro-financing works, and learn how to effectively grow a business through good marketing practices.

Young Entrepreneurs Workshops

Young Entrepreneurs Workshops (YEWs) are a series of hands-on/interactive workshops that teaches our youth what it takes to start a particular small business. In each workshop, students learn different hands-on techniques to make simple marketable products such as colognes, lotions, customized apparel, hand-made jewelry etc. Each business product concept is explored in detail to equip students with the knowledge and skill set to establish and manage their respective businesses.

YoungLIFE Entrepreneurs Program

According to Gallup and National Center for Research in Economic Education Polls, many students, particularly minority students have a strong interest in entrepreneurship: 69% of high school students (75% of black students) said they wanted to start their own business; more than 90% rate their entrepreneurial knowledge as ‘poor’ or ‘fair’; 84% of students said that it is ‘important’ or ‘very important’ that schools teach students about entrepreneurship and business. Through the YoungLIFE Entrepreneurs Program (YEP), Re:LIFE hopes that every high school student will know, understand and ultimately explore the concept of entrepreneurship before high school graduation. Students will also learn how academic skills connect to entrepreneurship and business opportunities. YEP equips our youth with the tools necessary to be more prolific and business-minded contributors to our communities.

LearnLIFE Success Program

The LearnLIFE Success Program is Re:LIFE's academic advancement program. LearnLIFE strives to build solid foundations in Math, Science and English Literacy. Our literacy tutors are proficient in teaching the analytical and critical skills necessary to succeed in reading, writing, speaking and effective communication. Our math and science tutors use a direct systematic approach in teaching techniques that improve mathematical and scientific understanding. The LearnLIFE Success Program offers both individual and group sessions. We provide services in literacy, college preparation/advisement, high school certificate equivalency preparation and K-12 after-school tutoring. LearnLIFE's goal is to improve literacy and increase admission, retention and graduation rates of minority students in the educational system.